Olympic Stadium

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A stadium steeped in history

Do you happen to be aware of which extraordinary artist graced the Stadium with sold-out performances for two consecutive nights? Additionally, can you reveal which remarkable event holds the record for the greatest number of participants in the illustrious history of the Stadium?

The brand new Olympic Stadium has garnered prestigious awards in record time, such as Steel Structure of the Year, the Finlandia of Architecture, and the Wood Prize.

Join my exclusive tour to behold the enchanting beauty of the one-of-a-kind lanterns and revel in the unforgettable experience of relaxing in the President box!

Experience an unforgettable day at the Stadium!

Olympic Stadium

Welcome to the beautifully renovated Olympic Stadium!

Step into the extraordinary Olympic Stadium, which welcomed the public once again in August 2020, and prepare to be amazed by not one, but two breathtaking arenas: a classic, above-ground marvel, and a cutting-edge subterranean masterpiece. This remarkable venue boasts a pristine, expansive underground expanse spanning nearly 20,000 square meters. Indeed, one could argue that it's like exploring two distinct stadiums - one soaring above, the other concealed below. Join us and unlock the captivating tales and cherished memories woven within the very fabric of the Olympic Stadium!

I am an authorized guide of the Olympic Stadium and the Sports Museum. The majestic Olympic Stadium awaits your exploration, but alas, you cannot wander its hallowed grounds without a prior reservation for a captivating guided tour. Embark on a one-hour journey led by me, where you will be regaled with an enthralling overview of the Stadium and the Sports Museum. As an added delight, the tour includes access to the Sports Museum and an opportunity to ascend the grand Stadium tower at its conclusion, granting you the freedom to further immerse yourself in the wonders of the Museum and visit the tower at your leisure.

You can even indulge in a captivating 30-minute exploration of the Olympic Stadium, where you won't journey to the Sports Museum. Following the excursion, you are free to ascend the Stadium tower at your leisure (tower access is part of the guided tour's cost).

Guided tours of the Olympic Stadium can be inquired about via email: helsinkiguide@karin.fi

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