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Helsinki - The best in European smart tourism

The 1st place to Helsinki in European Smart City Tourism (2019):

  • - Best digital mobility services
  • - The best smart city district Kalasatama etc.

Choose a guided tour either in the smart traffic test district of Jätkäsaari or in the Smart Kalasatama area, where smart living and smart services save residents an hour of time each day! How do they manage to do that?

Smart City guided tour: Kalasatama & Jätkäsaari

Only a select few Helsinki guides have undergone specialized training to showcase the architectural marvels and innovative solutions of the Kalasatama and Jätkäsaari areas. These individuals have completed a comprehensive program conducted in collaboration between Forum Virium Helsinki and Helsinki Marketing, gaining insights into the cutting-edge smart city developments within these regions.

I am a Smart City guide, trained and accredited by Forum Virium & Helsinki Marketing. I eagerly embraced the opportunity to partake in the inaugural smart city guide training in 2018, and have since pursued further education, as well as independently participating in events that showcase various themes such as the Jätkäsaari mobility projects. My extensive clientele has included everyone from high school students to embassy groups.

I provide year-round guided Smart City tours to Kalasatama and Jätkäsaari. The comprehensive tour includes an exploration of the area's architecture, services, smart facilities, smart traffic projects, and innovative solutions. In Jätkäsaari, my group visits notable landmarks such as Wood City (Supercell's headquarters), the expansive Hyväntoivonpuisto, the award-winning Vihreistä vihrein block, Bunkker, and the esteemed residential complex featured in the exhibition: Finnish architecture - review 2020. In Kalasatama, representing Helsinki by the sea, visitors can witness Finland's largest heat storage, the Mustikkamaa cave, flexible spaces, Kalasatamanpuisto, and new tower blocks (Majakka - Finland's tallest residential building - and Loisto). Both areas feature cutting-edge primary schools, Environmental Art, and the innovative waste pipe collection system (Rööri and IMU).

Each guided smart city tour can be tailored according to the customer's wishes. The customer can choose one of the areas for the tour, or both, which will make the tour longer. The price for the tour in one area is 200 €/group. Duration is approximately 1–1.5 hours/area.

Smart City guided tours can be inquired about via email:

Delighted to be of service!

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